Fortnite Season 9

Fortnite is a Battle Royale game released by Epic Games in 2017. In this game, 100 people jump on a certain map with a parachute from a plane. After jumping, you have a very simple and clear mission. Live or die! If you want to die early, you can make it in a stupid way quickly. Try to walk over an armed enemy without having a gun, and see what’s going to happen. Congratulations, you are dead! Welcome to jungle. However, if you want to live, let me give you some clue. There are basic things you need to do to survive. First of all, when you jump on the map, try to find some equipment for yourself, and of course, try to get a weapon as soon as possible. Plus, you can take advantage of nature and other materials around you, and this is one of the most important features that distinguish this game from the other Battle Royale games.

You begin the game with a weapon made from steel in your hand, and you can collect various kinds of loots by using this weapon. For example, try to collect wood by cutting trees and collect the mechanical parts inside cars by breaking down them. These parts will give you an advantage when you are in conflict with your enemy. You can prevent damage from bullets by planting a building in front of your enemy, reduce their lives by setting up traps, or you can escape from them by building a ladder to yourself. In addition, you can capture the loots of enemies that you have killed.

Team Game

Fortnite allows you to play as double and quadruple teams, as well. It is really hard to dealt with your enemies by yourself .But imagine that you have a team, I am sure, it is going to be easier to deal with your enemies and you will see how the game becomes more fun. Playing as a team requires a harmony. It seems you have more chances to stay alive, when are crowded as number. However, if you do not have a strategy, get ready to die again as a team.

First of all, use your microphone to communicate with your team. Then, determine a strategic point to jump on the map. Stick together, and try to get loots very quickly in the buildings. And then, rush! The game processes with this logic, basically. However, you do not have to rush always to stay alive. Ambushing is an alternative and smart way for a team. The roofs are very suitable to ambush. I am sure; you will have fun with your friends in Fortnite after a very boring and tiring work day.

Save the World

The storm came without warning. A strange and powerful evil stalked. %98 of the population vanished in an instant. The end of the world were about to come. Your fight begins. ‘Save the World’ is the story mode of Fortnite. Imagine that the world is full of zombies by an evil. You suddenly find yourself in a building and, the robots talk to you. Their mission was to prevent the storm but they could not make it. Now, your mission is to help a commander named Ramirez to save the survivors from the storm.

Defeat the evil! This is the matter in the story mode. You find yourself in an absorbing atmosphere from the very beginning. You should let yourself in this environment. You won’t even understand how the time will pass because the whole multiplayer game dynamics and diversity are based on the story mode. (Weapons, map, nature, materials etc) You do not want to miss what a great job they do with low graphics.

Final Bullet

Fortnite has reached a large number of players in a short time and achieved great success by hosting 40 million total and 3.4 million simultaneous players. One of the main reasons for this is of course the free play of the game’s BR (Battle Royale) mode. Indeed, free to play and easy to learn, difficult to master the structure creates addiction.

One of the things you must escape in the game the storm because it is a constant threat that will cause you to enter your secure place. Besides, it is really important to have your own building to be successful in the game. Fortnite, in essence, is a war game. So, those who have some experience in this area can play it much more comfortable.

You also need to learn how to make head shots because it will naturally give your enemies more damage during the game. You can really have fun in BR mode with your friends. Story mode allows you to have a different and enjoyable experience. All staff worth to allow time in the game with low graphic, shortly. You won’t regret to try it, if you love survival games.